Linear Booths Rules/Guidelines

All booth spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet (or multiples thereof).

ISRI will provide Exhibitor with an 8-foot high back drape and 3-foot-high divider drapes between booth spaces.

Exhibitor’s equipment cannot exceed fifty (50%) of the total square feet dimensions of the leased booth space and must be located no closer than two (2) feet of any aisle or exhibit hallway.

Any moving parts of any equipment located in the Exhibitor’s booth must be located at minimum five (5) feet from any aisle or exhibit hallway as measured from the end of any extended moving equipment part(s) located in the booth space to the aisle or exhibit hallway.

Equipment and/or furniture may not extend into the aisles, over the aisles or across the Exhibitor’s licensed booth line.

Displays must not block the line of sight of adja­cent booths.
Height Limits for Linear Booths

The height limit of booths is 8 feet for inline and peninsula booths and 20 feet for island booths.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are permitted over island and peninsula booths only.

Equipment Display Rules/Guidelines

Off-loading and positioning of all equipment must be contracted for through the Exposition’s Official Service Contractor.

Equipment display space must be a minimum of 400 square feet in size and can expand vertically or horizontally in increments of five feet. All cranes, crawlers, trucks, trailers, and other equipment must be located within the confines of the space rented.

Exhibitor must license adequate space to allow personnel to conduct business within the confines of that space.

Any equipment, or part thereof, that is suspended above the ground must be locked out or blocked in a manner that prevents the equipment, or part thereof, from drifting or fall­ing towards the ground.

Any moving parts of any equipment displayed must be located at minimum five (5) feet from any aisle or exhibit hallway as measured from the end of any extended moving equipment part(s) displayed to the edge of the aisle or exhibit hallway.

The adequacy of such locking out, blocking or proper displaying of equipment from the aisle shall be determined by Show Management, in its sole discretion.

The largest freight dock door entrance is 37 feet wide and 24 feet high. Ceiling height in the equipment display area of the Exhibit Hall is 36 feet.
Load Capacity

The floor load capacity is 350 pounds per square foot.

On-site Contractor

ISRI’s official onsite contract for ISRI 2019 is Brede Exposition Services:

Direct Telephone:  602-275-5900

Brede will distribute to each ISRI 2019 official exhibitor a service exhibitor kit that will contain all forms and ordering information for ISRI 2019.  The official kit will be sent via email mid to late January 2019.

Exhibitor must obtain and maintain comprehensive commercial general liability insurance, including acceptable contractual liability endorsements, with limits of liability of at least $1,000,000 in respect of injuries to any one person in any one occurrence, with a $2,000,000 aggregate (including any excess or umbrella coverage), and $1,000,000 in respect of damage to property. Exhibitor must provide ISRI a certificate of insurance as evidence of coverage no later than February 1, 2019. The certificate must show ISRI; AEG Management LACC, LLC; the City of Los Angeles, their respective affiliates, licensees, lenders and contractors, as well as each of their respective officers directors, partners, members, shareholders, employees, agents, representatives successors and assigns, as additional insured parties and must contain the legend that “ISRI will receive 30 days’ prior written notice of cancellation of, or any change to, the policy.” Exhibitor must also obtain workers compensation.
Cancellation or Space Reduction

Exhibitor must notify ISRI in writing on or before December 31, 2018 of cancellation or reduction of licensed space to be eligible for a partial refund of fees paid. Space cancellation on or before December 31, 2018 is eligible for a refund of fees paid less administrative fees to cover costs of processing booth equipment display applications. For cancellations, the administrative fee is twenty-five (25) percent of the license fee for the Space. For space reductions, the fee is twenty-five (25) percent of the difference between the original license fee and the license fee for the reduced space. After December 31, 2018, all fees associated with this Agreement are due and are not refundable Subsequent reassignment of canceled space by ISRI does not relieve the canceling Exhibitor of the obligation to atutory limits of the state of California.