Closing General Session – Blue Ocean Strategy

Mandalay Bay Ballrooom F

Year after year ISRI’s convention provides a lineup of speakers who provide energetic, inspiring, engaging, and thought-provoking content applicable to both business and every day life. ISRI2020 is no different.

In an industry always in search of new markets, best selling author Renée Mauborgne will share her “blue ocean strategy” technique used to “create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant.” Renée will explain the difference between red oceans – the current, known market space where everything is defined, and blue oceans – the unknown space where demand is created and there is opportunity for growth. Blue oceans allow you to set the rules and makes competition irrelevant.

Renée Mauborgne is The INSEAD Distinguished Fellow and a professor of strategy at INSEAD, one of the world’s top business schools. She is also Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.