Brandi Harleaux – South Post Oak Recycling Center

Brandi Harleaux – South Post Oak Recycling Center

South Post Oak Recycling Center

Brandi Harleaux is the Chief Operations Officers for South Post Oak Recycling Center; a Houston based scrap metal and electronics recycling facility. Brandi has principle responsibility for operating and leading a second-generation business that opened in 1994. SPORC has two locations in the Houston area and specializes in buying and selling both non-ferrous and ferrous metal recyclables.As the COO, Brandi wears many hats and her scope of responsibility includes, setting vision, strategy, overseeing financial management, identifying new markets, business development, customer relationship management, overseeing internal processes and driving the people strategy.

Prior to joining her family business, Brandi worked for Disney in the Consumer Products and Interactive Media division based out of Glendale, CA. She was the head of the divisions’ Learning and Organizational Development team within Disney Interactive Media Group. Prior to Disney she worked in the same field at various organizations including Southern California Edison, Target Corporation & Northrop Grumman.

Over the span of her career and now in her business, she has leveraged expertise in people skills and hard-core business skills, now often referred to as soft skills and hard skills.

Brandi holds a B.S. in Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Houston, M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from California State University and an M.B.A from Pepperdine.

Brandi believes in living a life of purpose. While being a successful business owner is meaningful, it is one slice of her “pie” as well as having an impact through giving back. Brandi enjoys mentoring young women interested in entrepreneurship through The University of Houston Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship as well as young women outside of the program. Being involved in The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Black Heritage Committee has also been a multi-faceted meaningful way to have an impact which is focused on promoting awareness about scholarships available to high school students as well as African American western culture. A recent interest promoted by a personal association is donating to foundations focused on the advancement of people with Autism.

Brandi believes having an impact in the metals recycling industry through actively participating in trade associations committees and activity on their boards is important for continued growth and influence. Brandi serves on the Board of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Gulf Coast Chapter, the Recycling Council of Texas Board and the Houston Air Pollution Advisory Committee.

Brandi strives daily to live purposely at a “Level 10” in all areas of her life “F’s “; Faith, Family, Firms, Finances, Friends, Fitness and Fun. And every day, she feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity to continue building the legacy that was started through her entrepreneurial hard-working parents.

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