Darrell Fleming-Kendall

Darrell Fleming-Kendall

As Executive Director of RIOS (the Recycling Industry Operating Standard), Darrell Kendall passionately endeavors to help the global recycling industry provide its employees with a healthy and safe workplace, while also improving the industry’s environmental sustainability.  In his position, Darrell travels the world speaking about the value of management systems, and works directly with facilities to assist them on their path to more responsible operation.

In 2017, Darrell took a major pivot to moving back his hometown near Cleveland, OH. Upon his return, Darrell haphazardly stumbled into farming with the goal to produce food sustainably and ethically.

Prior to his time at RIOS, Kendall worked in international development, managing US State Department and privately funded projects focused on development of higher education. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor’s Degree from Bowling Green State University.

ISRI Talks

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