John Sacco

John Sacco

John Sacco is vice president of Sierra Recycling & Demolition located in Bakersfield, California. A past chair of ISRI and Executive Committee member, Sacco has held numerous leadership positions within ISRI over the years. This includes chair of the Leadership Committee; ISRI Resources board member; president of ISRI’s Southwestern Chapter; chair of the Member Services Committee; and chair of the Chapter Presidents’ Council.

He earned a B.S. in business marketing from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles). Sacco and his wife, Monica, have two children, Giovanna (16), and Giancarlo (13).

ISRI Talks

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New this year at ISRI2020 is ISRI Talks, where 5 selected members will present their inspiring and thought-provoking ideas after spending months being extensively trained in the “TED talk”-style of speaking. Brandi Harleaux will emcee this unique morning session that promises to build community and connection in a way that has never being done before at […]