Michelle Coffino

Michelle Coffino

Michelle “Mickey” Coffino has owned a successful salon and cut hair for 30 years. In 2013, she also started Queen City Metal Recycling & Salvage, LLC. She formed a non-profit “second chance” program called QC Metal Recycling & Salvage Inc./Moving Mountains in order to hire formerly incarcerated individuals. This program has received national recognition for educating and certifying inmates for employment opportunities in order to provide them with a true second chance when returning to their communities and reuniting with their families. In recognition for her contributions, she has been named (1) the 2017 “Small Business Person of the Year” for North Carolina, (2) the Charlotte Business Journal “25 Most Influential Women,” (3) the Mecklenburg Times “50 Most Influential Women,” and (4) the Minority Women Small Business Entity “Small Business Women of the Year and Enterprising Women Honoree.” Her latest project is launching Pet Porter, a mobile app in pet transportation, which will be featured in Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg Weekly in June 2020. Mickey’s biggest accomplishment has been raising her AMAZING triplets as a single mom. What has she learned from raising them? No matter your gender, beliefs, weakness or fears, the only person you must believe in — and hold accountable — is yourself.

ISRI Talks

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New this year at ISRI2020 is ISRI Talks, where 5 selected members will present their inspiring and thought-provoking ideas after spending months being extensively trained in the “TED talk”-style of speaking. Brandi Harleaux will emcee this unique morning session that promises to build community and connection in a way that has never being done before at […]